Football is the world’s most popylar sport. We play football at the playground. We also have fun when we play football. We also call it soccer.

  Our students must do exercises everyday to stay healthy, and I’ve found that play football is a very good way to stay healthy. Football players must be rugged. It’s one of the most popular sports all over the world. We can run on the ground for a long time and we also can prove our friendship with the members of our team.

  More and more people like watching football matches. They can’t sleep or eat when their teams are playing. They shout for their players. I think many Chinese football players have done better match after match. But we will have a long way to go to Asia and to the world. We should learn from foreign teams. Foreign players and coaches must be invited. Dalian Wanda, Shanghai Shenhua and Guangdong Apollo are among the best teams.

  I love playing football, because I can play football to stay healthy, football is a good sport.

  Football is a famous entertainment project, we play with feet大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!. Many people love a football match. Football is their favorite topic of conversation. They usually go to the football matches and cheer for their favorite teams大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!. We know when someone kicks in the goal that there is a score. Two teams are in the same place to kick. Both team has 11 people. We have 90 minutes in a match. We can pass the ball with our feet. You must run and run because maybe the others will kick the football.

  In America we call it soccer, in England we call it football. That’s why we sometimes call it “soccer” or “football”.

  If we have a football match, we must wear special clothes.大佬们都在玩{精选官网网址: www.vip333.Co }值得信任的品牌平台!

  I think football is a good game to play, don’t you?



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